Flat Pack Containers from Kovobel

We supply & distribute Flat Pack Containers manufactured from Galvanised Steel! Combining excellent Corrosion Resistance, durability & portability into one, truly great product. The refinement of the manufacturing process for these Pop Up Storage Containers is second to none. Thanks to extensive testing and experience from over 30 Years of Collapsible Container development.

Support, Supply & Stock

We hold basic Flat Pack Storage models in stock in the UK ready to ship out at a moments notice. You will notice our extensive knowledge and friendly demeanour should you have any questions. Plus with such a great team, backing up these Flat Pack Containers, aftercare support is guaranteed.

If you are looking to sell this Flat Pack Storage get in touch! We are ready and poised to supply the UK and her Businesses with this great storage solution.

Manufacturing of Galvanised Steel Containers

We know our products down to the very smallest detail and we work to constantly improve them. They help maintain a strong position in the market and cover outages in orders. So we have a stable production. We devote our products to long-term and proper care so that we can rely on them. And we’re getting better.

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