We are a leading supplier of new flat pack containers in the UK.

With over 10 years experience under the belt in the industry.

We will be happy to assist with any enquiry you may have. 

Our Quick-Build Containers are made of steel.
Our containers are  TÜV approved and warrant a high level of occupational and industrial safety standard.

Joining: Our Container Connection Kit allows expansion of your storage space by combining two of our Kovobel Flat Pack Containers.

Whether you need more storage than is available in a single container or need to fit a specific space, our container connectors allow you unrivalled flexibility



Increase the roof load of your container to 300kg/m² with these roof stiffening bars. Allows the stacking of containers, and perfect for climates with high levels of snow.

Please contact us for a delivery quote for this item.

All Our Kovobel Branded Containers are equipped with a door lock with 3 keys (not including the open Shed).

But if your container needs extra security, we can supply our strong anti-vandal bar set to strengthen the door lock.

Available for both double door and single door units. The strong galvanised security bar spans the door frame and covers the lock. Secured with a standard padlock (not included).

These are simple to install after the container has been assembled.

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Kovobel Flat Pack Containers are already naturally ventilated, but for extra ventilation, then our side-wall air grilles are the perfect solution.

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