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Ground Screw Installer

We supply and install professional ground screw foundations capable of supporting projects of all sizes. 

Projects including – but not limited to: garden rooms and holiday cabins, modular builds, solar and more.

Ground screws are a revolutionary for making foundations for commercial and residential projects across the UK and Ireland.

Our sustainable ground screws come in a variety of sizes to suit all your applications.

Save time and reduce cost with fast and effective foundations:



Holiday lodges, log cabins and glamping pods

Ground-mounted Solar PV

Garden rooms, offices and studios

Garages and carports


BUT!! Why choose ground screws?


No more Digging arrowInstall All Year Round, In Any Weather
Can be installed all year round, spring, summer, autumn or winter, sun, rain or snow.

No more Digging - Sustainable Ground Screws arrowOvercome Challenging Locations
Ground screws can go where concrete can’t, capable of providing a strong, level base in hard-to-access and off-grid areas, overcoming sloping and uneven ground.

No more Digging arrowNo Digging. No Damage
Without the need for digging, ground screws can be installed rapidly without damaging your garden or surrounding landscapes. So You’ll hardly know we were there.

No more Digging - Sustainable Ground Screws arrowEco-friendly Foundations
Causing no damage during installation, Our ground screws are made from steel, and use comparatively fewer materials than concrete to build a strong foundation, resulting in less environmental impact.

No more Digging - arrowEfficient Foundations
Ground screws take a fraction of the time to install, 70% faster than concrete! Without needing to wait on any concrete setting, therefore you can get building immediately.


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